Lifejackets & Buoyancy Aids

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We stock a wide range of lifejackets and buoyancy aids for adults, children and dogs.

Come and see us and let our experienced staff help you find the right jacket for your needs. We also offer a free Basic Care and Maintenance Check for your lifejacket to make sure your jacket is in good working order. We stock all of the replacement parts should you need anything.

Crewsaver Lifejackets

Crewsaver's range of innovative lifejackets for leisure users are designed and manufactured using advanced technology meaning you can enjoy your sport whilst your safety is covered.

ErgoFit 190N OS

The ErgoFit 190N OS is a 3D-moulded lifejacket designed to provide those braving the elements offshore with the extra security needed in all conditions away from sight of land. With its intelligent cut-away profile, it allows you total mobility, leaving your body, limbs and hands unhindered and free to move, work and perform.

Crewfit+ 180N Pro

The refined Crewfit+ 180N Pro is a paramount safety solution which doesn’t compromise on safety, style, comfort or price. Ideal for your everyday recreational boater. This everyday boating lifejacket provides the ideal solution for those looking for a compact, lightweight lifejacket without compromising on in-water performance. First choice for those who require the safety of a lifejacket in high performance, short-distance yacht racing environment.

Crewfit 180N Pro

The first of its kind, an everyday boating lifejacket designed using 3D technology to radically increase comfort levels. Successful integration of a high volume 3D shaped bladder design, a peninsula chin support and increased buoyancy to 180N provides you with maximum in water performance. The Crewfit 180N Pro wraps all of these safety features into a fun, stylish, 3D shaped and super comfy cover.

Crewfit 165N Sport

The Crewfit 165N Sport is our most compact lifejacket yet and one of the lightest lifejackets available on the market today. This is achieved whilst continuing to include the integral safety features required to ensure the recreational user remains as safe as possible when out on the water. The unique bladder shape with light and hood attachment points is designed to rotate the wearer into a face up position - even if unconscious.

Crewfit 150N Junior

Our Crewfit 150 Junior is a paramount safety solution which doesn’t compromise on safety, style, comfort or price. Ideal for your everyday junior recreational boater.

Spiral 100

Foam lifejackets for children and babies fully support the wearer in the water and work to rotate them into a face-up position to protect the airway.

Crewsaver Buoyancy Aids

Crewsaver's top of the range, multi-purpose and user-friendly buoyancy aids enable support, safety and efficiency for all types of surface water sports.

Pro50N EX

Our Pro 50N EX buoyancy aid is designed to meet the demands of multiple watersports. A versatile solution, enabling you to personalise it to suit your activity. Fitted with multiple accessory mount loops and a dedicated knife pocket for safety, this buoyancy aid is ideal for instructors and sailors alike.

Pro 50N SZ and CZ

A Fusion 3D design buoyancy aid with unique body shaping foam that adapts to the profile of the wearer for the ultimate in unrestricted comfort and performance. Breathable airflow mesh is featured on the internal back panel to allow for less build up of heat and greater comfort.
The durable cover integrated with an extra large expandable storage pocket and attachment point makes this the perfect storage companion for a multitude of surface watersports. Also available in a centre zip option. See Pro 50N ‘CZ’

Sport 50

Adjustable shoulder and dual waist straps combined with a unique arrangement of lightweight and soft foam provides a bespoke and comfortable fit. This centre zip buoyancy aid features reflective piping and an easily accessible expanding storage pocket with attachment point.

The Sport 50N provides the perfect option for those who seek a high quality product at a highly competitive price point.

Response 50

The Response 50N provides an entry level buoyancy aid with an advanced contoured foam construction helping to ensure correct comfort and fit when worn. In addition the Response 50N houses an array of features including a centre zip, padded shoulder straps, adjustable waist, key pocket and reflective print detailing.